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Every device is painstakingly tested

We have sophisticated, stringent testing protocols that have been built up over a number of years. Each different model of smartphone and tablet has it's own testing process and every device is logged by serial number meaning we have a redundant, fully traceable system.

We use an A, B, C grading system for the cosmetic condition of our devices. Grade A is a used item with very little or no marks or scratches whatsoever - we would recommend this to anyone looking for a quality, second hand smartphone or tablet.

Free delivery and free returns

When buying online have you ever added an item to your cart only to find out at checkout that some extra s have been added on for postage? This is the age of online commerce and we believe that postage costs, both dispatch and return, should be covered by the seller.

There will be a pre-paid, tracked, insured returns form inside with your order - we wouldn't have it any other way.

Customer support helpdesk

We're in the process of building a help desk on our site that will be the go-to place for troubleshooting your device. Want to know how to pair your iPhone with your Smartwatch? Or how to reset your device before trading it in to a mobile phone recycler? We'll have all the basics covered as well as a user Q and A section where you can ask our experts anything that hasn't already been asked!

Our glowing reviews and ratings

We've been selling successfully on eBay, Amazon, (now and here on our website for over 5 years. We've made some mistakes like any young company but over the years we have ironed these out. Instead of chasing numbers and profits, now our only company policy our is to make you happy - and we strongly belive we achieve this and it seems so do you!

Check our reviews on TrustPilot if you don't believe me! Or Amazon, or eBay for that matter... Our customers rave about our service!

Benefits for business buyers

If you're a VAT registered business and register an account with us you get an automatic 5% discount across all products. Simply sign up for a business account and enter your VAT number - once you're signed in your discounts will automatically apply at checkout.