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We are the UK's premium second hand consumer electronics retailer. Run by Gadget Fans for Gadget Fans! We sell the latest used phones, used mobiles and smartphones, used iPads, used dSLR cameras and used laptops and always test our products fully to make sure you get what you pay for.

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Buying online from a new company may feel worrying at first, but rest assured you will not be disappointed by Freedom Mobiles. Our 14-day returns, 60 day warranty and 2 year blacklist protection will have you covered in any situation. Read our TrustPilot reviews to find out what verified customers think of our service.

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How to spot a fake iPhone or Android phone

You’re on Gumtree, you see a tasty deal for the latest handset for a fantastic price. How can you be sure it is the genuine thing when there are so many convincing fakes on the market? Compare to a real phone Fake phones are becoming more and more sophisticated all the time and it is […]

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