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We’ve all moaned that mobiles are getting bigger when 5 years ago we expected them to get smaller.

Well it seems that mobiles are getting so big and powerful that they may need an ‘assistant’ who is delegated the mundane tasks of taking calls and messages.

Meet the HTC Mini: the PA to the HTC Butterfly. Connected via  a bluetooth connection the HTC Mini displays messages, notifications and even takes and makes calls, leaving it’s boss to do its mini super computer thing and get more bloated.

It’s definitely unique and most certainly an interesting idea. But we don’t know if there is a demand to carry around 2 phones. If smartwatches take off then this idea will probably die a quick death; although I doubt we’ll be wanting to talk into your watch – unless you’re a Trekkie!

Source: HTC thinks a second tiny phone is the answer to your oversized smartphone complaints | The Verge.

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